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About us

DGpeptides Co., located in the national key high-tech park-Hangzhou hi-tech industry development zone.Company has three production bases, two R & D centers, strong comprehen sivestrength, many years of extensive quality management experience, a huge scale.DGpeptides co., ltd has worldwide customers with high quality,low cost, high-techkinds of peptide products,the company's products have been successfully sold to Europe,North America, Asia an Oceania, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, universities and other research institutions.DGpeptides co., ltd dedicates to create worth customer trust of new and hightechnology service, thus,we have introduced the world’s most advanced peptide synthesis, purification and freeze dryingequipments from abroad.  At the same time, we own a number of new utility model patents, DGpeptides co., ltd utilizes many state-of-the-art andhighly sophisticated peptide instruments able toproduce more than 10,000 peptides per month. Our machines include 400Hz NMR, 2 units of FT-IR,10 unitsof MS,Amino Acid Analyzer, 96/102 well automated peptide synthesizers,microwave-assisted peptide synthesizers,microplate readers. Our peptide custom synthesis includes Peptide APIs, Cosmetic Peptide, and Custom Peptide.We provide differenttypes of peptide. We synthesize every peptide understrict quality control system, the HPLC and MS reports are accompanied

for each peptide.

Quality assurance
1, We provide the true HPLC & MS analysis reports (both the electronic version and the printed version) for each peptide.
2, Products first and payment second is accepted, you are allowed to pay when you receive the productsandsatisfiedwithour quality.
3,We own the best equipped peptide laboratory, could supply 10000 pieces peptide per month, the delivery time is 2 to 4weeks after confirming the order. As an innovative biotechnology company,DGpeptides co., ltd dedicates togetimproved onits production processes all the time, allowing customers to enjoy efficient products delivery andavoidinglong deliverycaused unnecessary losses. Regarding HPLC & MS We provide the complete test reports, including HPLC and Mass Spectrum.(Some extra requirements is also available,such as,the NMR, IR, UV, elemental analysis, determination of moisture content and amino acid analysis services)
We promise you that we will strictly confidential for you regarding the peptide synthesis between us.Signing aconfidentialagreement is no problem after your confirming on the synthesis. Our regularinventorypeptide is over3000 pieces.They mainlyare Biotinyl-β-Amyloid (1-42), b-Amyloid(42-1),[Cys] b-Amyloid(1-40),AdrenocorticotropicHormones(ACTH),myloids, Apelin Peptides,Bradykinins and relatedpeptides Cholecystokinins (CCK),Endomorphins,Endorphin,Exendins,FMRF & Analogs,GnRHAssociated Peptides,Growth Factor Fragments,Growth Hormone&GrowthHormone ReleasingFactors,Laminin Peptides,Leucokinin& Analogs,LH-RH & Analogs,MelaninConcentratingHormone (MCH),Melanocyte StimulatingHormones (MSH),NeurokininsNeuropeptideY & Analogs,Orexins,Oxytocins,Parathyroid
Hormone &Analogs (PTH), Peptides YY,ProteinKinase and Related Peptides,Somatostatin & Analogs, Substance P&Analogs, TAT Proteins,Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormones (TRH),VasoactiveIntestinal Peptides (VIP).

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