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Peptide API
Molecular Formula:C149H226N40O45
Molecular Weight:3297.7
CAS No.:107444-51-9
Product parameters:
1.Assay(By Anhydrous, Acetic Acid-free ) :95.0~105.0%
2.Appearance:White powder
3.Solubility :Soluble in water and 1% acetic acid
4.Identity by HPLC :The retention is same with the reference substance
5.Specific Optical Rotation: -25°~-35°(c=1,1% HAc)
6.Amino Acid Composition :±20%
7.Peptide Purity(By HPLC) :≥98.0% by area integration
8.Related Substance(By HPLC) : Total Impurities(%)≤ 2.0%
Largest Single Impurity(%)≤1.0%
9.Acetate Content :≤ 15.0%

10 .Water Content(Karl Fischer) :≤ 8.0%

Packaging: plastic bottles (peptide only) or glass vial, packing according to customer requirements

Storage conditions: dark, cold (-20 ℃) to save

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